Methodically Producing Stall - Saturday In The Park

Little Dragon

Posted Sept. 14, 2011, 7:54 p.m. By arlina

Oh just got e link posted to my wall form a friend, its Bruce Springsteen, oh how I love thee.....he has a voice of velvet, just lazy enough, and nice and raspy, oh oh OH, wonderful! Its just fantastic when you get a song ing your ears that you just love so much! It puts a smile on my face, I bet I look terrible silly, but who cares. Oh I wish he still toured, Mr Bruce....does he? I have to google...well I didn't find much information, ill look music what would life be without? Very very boring and quiet. I am due for a concert...I need to look at my favorite venue in San Francisco, The Independent....I hope Little Dragon for example I adore them!!